Studio Fees

There is a $5 studio fee for all children 12 and younger and an $8 studio fee for all adults 13 and older Saturday and Sundays.  Monday through Friday all studio fees are reduced to half price.  

The studio fees include all paints, over-glaze and firing on all Paint-Your-Own Pottery selections. 

If you choose a glass fusion piece, the studio fee includes the cost of all the glass used to create your piece plus the first firing.  If you wish to have your glass fired into a form, then an additional fee of $8 is required for a second kiln firing. 

There are two (2) studio fees on all clay projects whether hand built or thrown on a potter’s wheel.  The two studio fees cover the first firing to turn your green ware into bisque.  Then you have the opportunity to come back into the studio to paint your piece and have your final project sealed in an over-glaze and fired again. 

In an effort to serve all of our clients better, we are offering half priced studio fees Monday through Friday from October through May 2016.  We hope this will help everyone who would like to enjoy our studio a seat to relax and create.


Military families, families of Law Enforcement and Firefighters with identification receive FREE studio fees.

Teachers receive 1/2 price studio fees.